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Life coaching with
the widowed parent project

"When I was newly widowed in 2014, there were almost no resources to be found on how to parent through grief and loss. In 2016, I started The Widowed Parent Project, which consists of a moderated online support group and resource feed to provide support and information to younger widows and widowers raising grieving children. Over the last nine years, I've worked through my own grief process (now shared in my memoir) and have combined that lived experience with my professional knowledge and skills regarding trauma in families.  I'm pleased to be offering individual life coaching for widows and widowers as of June 2023 and group sessions beginning in January 2024. Explore the information below to learn more about my new coaching program." - Jeanette

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our life coaching program might be a good fit for you if:

you've been widowed at least six months

The first six months of being widowed are a period of shock and intense grief for most people. Coaching should wait until you've had some time to start thinking about the future again.

you feel adrift

Being widowed is a lonely, isolating experience for most people. It's also common for widowed people to lose their anchor and point person for shared decisions. If you feel adrift from loneliness, indecision, or overwhelm, coaching can help provide a touchstone for both connection and problem-solving.

you understand your kids won't be ok if you're not ok

Many parents focus on their kids' grief and recovery at the expense of their own. But your kids will be better when you feel better and are stable again. It's the old adage of putting on your oxygen mask first. Coaching is self-care.

you're ready for change

There is no timeline on grief. For some people, things need to stay the same for a while and change is incremental. For others, loss of their partner forces other immediate changes. Life in the "after" is all about adaptation and integration. But you have to be willing to put in the work.

you deserve a life well-lived and well-loved.

Your children deserve an engaged parent who can help them navigate their grief.

Coaching includes:


1) a customized assessment with you of what's working and not working regarding your grief process and family needs.

2) private 1-1 or small group sessions with other widowed people focused on your growth goals. Virtual sessions are available or if local to Western New York, I can work with you in person for a slightly increased fee to cover travel.

3) resources galore to help you make sense of your grief and your children's grief process (hint: they are not the same). We'll also make sure you leave with new ways of supporting your children.

4) access to an ongoing community of widowed people who lift each other up as they move forward, together.

Curious about Jeanette's story?

Take a listen to learn more about her experience as a young widowed parent and what she's learned researching the topic of widowed parenting. You'll also get a taste of her style and personality. To learn more about joining the Widowed Parent Project Life Coaching program as an individual client or group session client, contact us. Also, read up on the launch of her forthcoming memoir, Shipwrecked: A Memoir of Widowed Parenting and Life After Loss.

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